TU re-invites applicants for the post of Vice-Chancellor, interested can apply

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The selection and recommendation committee, responsible for suggesting candidates for the Vice-Chancellor position at Tribhuvan University, has released a fresh announcement regarding the appointment of the Vice-Chancellor.

As per the “Vice-Chancellor Selection and Recommendation Procedure of Tribhuvan University, 2080,” approved by the committee, interested individuals are requested to reapply following the guidelines outlined in the procedure. The objective of this procedure is to recommend suitable candidates for the vacant Vice-Chancellor role at Tribhuvan University.

All interested applicants are invited to submit their applications, along with the necessary documents specified in the procedure attached to the notification on the official website of the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology: The submission period is fifteen days during office hours.

The first notice was canceled on Sunday due to widespread opposition. Following the cancellation, the search committee has issued a new notice with revised procedures.


The previously published notice by the selection and recommendation committee stated that a “certified copy of the details of work performed by university officials for at least three years (including year, month, and day)” should be submitted. However, this requirement faced opposition, leading to the re-advertisement with new standards.

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