Schools closed for 6 days from today

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Schools will remain closed for 6 days from today due to local level elections.

The government had decided to grant a holiday only on the polling day, Baishakh 30 however, most of the polling station has been set up in the community schools thus, they have been closed. Adding to reason, many teachers have also been engaged in the elections along and many have started returning home to cast votes.

Before the news of 6 days holiday, the Education and Human Resources Development center had decided to grant 3 days’ holiday to all the schools in the country where polling stations will be set up.

31st Baishakh is on Saturday and the government has decided to give a public leave on Jestha 1. On 2nd Jestha lies a public Holiday due to Buddha Jayanti. Thus, schools will be closed for 6 consecutive days from Wednesday, Baisakh 28.

President of the Federation of Teachers Kamala Tuladhar said that there will be no schooling for 6 days. Nepal currently has about 27,000 and 8,000 Community and Private Schools respectively.

The government offices have granted holidays only on election day. No vehicles will run on the day of the Election without a permit. The district administration offices in Kathmandu and Bhaktapur have issued notices stating that their services will be affected on Baishakh  28 and 29. The Lalitpur District Administration Office, on the other hand, has stated that it will provide only essential services considering the limited number of staff.

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