SEE 2079 exams begin with over 5 lakh students appearing Nationwide

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SEE 2079 exams begin with over 5 lakh students appearing Nationwide

Date: March 30th, 2023


The Secondary Education Examination (SEE) of 2079 is set to begin on Friday, March 31st, with a total of 5,16,577 applicants from all over the country participating. This is the last SEE exam to be conducted according to the old syllabus before a new syllabus is implemented from the year 2080 BS.

No. of Exam Centers for SEE all over Nepal

The SEE exam is considered one of the most important examinations for students in Nepal as it determines their eligibility for higher education and subsequently their career paths. This year, the exam will start at 8 am on March 31st and will be conducted in 2037 examination centers across the country.

New Syllabus from 2080 B.S

Starting from the year 2080 BS, the SEE exam will be based on a new syllabus. To prepare for this, a parallel set of question papers of compulsory subjects has been prepared at the state level. This year’s exam is the last one to be conducted according to the old syllabus.

A day off for Science Exam

To improve results in the compulsory science subject, a day off has been given from this year. After a holiday on March 21st, the compulsory science exam will be conducted on March 22nd. The National Examination Board believes that giving a holiday for science will help students perform better as there is no holiday on the day before the exam for science. SEE results for compulsory subjects such as English, Mathematics, Nepali, and Social Education have traditionally been weak.

In the SEE exam of 2078 BS, the maximum number of students obtained a ‘C grade’ in the science subject. In the same exam, the most 85,642 students got ‘C grade’ in mathematics, while the most 188,094 students got ‘E grade’ in mathematics, and the most 141,659 students got ‘C plus grade’ in Nepali.

Visually impaired students will be able to join SEE from the school where they study. A sub-center has been set up in the same school where they study for their convenience. Additionally, candidates of the technical stream in SEE no longer have to take camp. An examination center will be set up in a normal school near the school where technical subjects are taught, and those students will be able to take the exam at that center.

Conclusion: As the SEE exam begins tomorrow, students across Nepal are undoubtedly feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness. The changes implemented this year, from the day off for science to the sub-centers for visually impaired students, are aimed at making the exam process more accessible and efficient for all students. Best of luck to all the SEE exam takers!

This information is based on information from the National Examination Board (NEB)

SEE Exam 2

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