Teachers Continue their Protest

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Relief Teachers  in Nepal are continuing their protest against the government’s education bill and demanding permanent jobs. The relief teachers are unhappy with the agreement that the government reached with the Nepal Teachers’ Federation (NTF), yesterday which does not address their demands.

FNJ protest

A separate Examination for full-time Government Teachers:

In our country, Nepal there are approximately about 40,000 relief teachers who are chosen by either a school management committee or local authorities to meet the staffing needs in government schools. Government teachers, on the other hand, are selected by the Teachers Service Commission under the federal government.

However, because of delays in conducting exams, many public schools are unable to hire permanent teachers for vacant positions. As a result, relief teachers are demanding for a separate exam to be held so that they can become full-time government teachers.

The relief teachers have been protesting for several days now, and they have said to continue their protest until their demands are met.

Today, a few hundred relief teachers disrupted traffic at Maitighar and held a demonstration. They said the protest will continue if their demands are not addressed.

This is important because teachers play an essential role in the education system. They fill vacant positions in government schools and help to ensure that all students have access to education.

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