TikTok seeking Registration in Nepal by sending an E-mail

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TikTok has mailed the Nepalese government a formal letter to express its commitment to comply with digital platform regulations in the country. This action follows the government’s ongoing discussions about potentially banning the widely used social media app.

In an e-mail addressed to the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Tiktok expressed its appreciation for the upcoming social network regulatory guidelines. Also, the company raised a few questions regarding the registration process.

Netra Prasad Subedi, a spokesperson for the Ministry, acknowledged that TikTok had made a request but we declined to give more information due to the ongoing court case regarding the ban. He also stressed that any talks about including other platforms would only happen after the court’s final decision on TikTok.

The Nepalese government decided to ban TikTok on 27th Kartik,2080 citing concerns about its negative impact on society and the environment. However, the ban is being challenged in court, with 14 petitions filed against the government’s decision.

News Source: Techpana

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