Differences Between BBA and BIM: Which is best ?

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When choosing the right career between BBA(Bachelor in Business Administration) and BIM(Bachelor in Information Management), there are key factors that need to be classified. Of course, It depends upon the course you are interested in or the future you want to make your career in. So, first Let us compare these courses BBA and BIM which hold a good salary and a great scope in the management field.

Introduction to BBA and BIM

BBA is a more general business degree that provides students with a foundation in the core business disciplines whereas BIM is a more specialized degree that focuses on the intersection of IT and business.

Introduction to BBA and BHM 1

To learn more about these courses Let’s compare these courses: BBA and BIM

Advantages and Disadvantages while pursuing BBA:

Advantages of BBADisadvantages of BBA
– Broader curriculum covering business and management concepts– Curriculum may be outdated or irrelevant to the current job market
– More job opportunities in various industries– Fierce competition for jobs
– Better salary prospects– Course may be too theoretical
– Develops transferable skills

Advantages and Disadvantages while pursuing BIM:

Advantages of BIMDisadvantages of BIM
– Focuses on applying IT to business– Course may be too technical for some students
– Prepares for the growing IT industry– Smaller job market compared to BBA
– Offers specialized knowledge and skills– Not as well-recognized by employers as BBA
– Potential for lucrative IT sector jobs

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Here is a quick comparision table between BBA and BIM.

SubjectsAccounting, finance, marketing, managementJava programming, Web Technology, Computer Graphics, and many more.
Career ProspectsAccountant, Business Manager, Finance ManagerMiddle-Level managers, IT Professionals, Project Managers etc.
StrengthsAnalytical, problem-solvingCommunication, interpersonal skills

Here is a more detailed explanation of the differences between BBA and BIM compared with its core subjects, salaries, and future prospects.

Core subjects:

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BBA focuses on the fundamentals of business, like marketing, accounting, human resource management, business law, financial management, economics, management information systems, and organizational behavior. while BIM integrates IT and management like Java programming, Web Technology, Computer Graphics, and many more.

This means that BBA graduates will have a strong understanding of business concepts, but they may not have the technical skills required for IT-related jobs. BIM graduates, on the other hand, will have a strong understanding of both IT and business, which makes them more versatile and marketable.

Career and Job Opportunities After Studies

BBA graduates can find jobs in a variety of industries, including banking, consulting, and marketing.

  • Accountant:
  • Human Resource Manager:  
  • Business Marketer: 
  • Banking and Finance Manager: 
  • Entrepreneur:

Find Jobs here:

BIM graduates are more likely to find jobs in the IT industry, such as software development, data analysis, and business intelligence.

  • IT professionals
  • Middle-Level Manager
  • Software Programmer
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Software Project Manager
  • Project Managers
  • System Administrator
  • Product Managers

Find jobs here:

Salary for BBA and BIM graduates:

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The salary of a BBA graduate can vary depending on their position and experience. In Nepal, the average salary for a BBA graduate is around NPR 25000 to 30,000 per month. However, some BBA graduates can earn upwards of NPR 100,000 per month in higher positions in banks, financial institutions, and government offices. Read more on BBA.

The salary of a BIM graduate can vary depending on their position and experience. In Nepal, the average salary for a BIM graduate is around NPR 30,000 to 40,000 per month. However, some BIM graduates can earn upwards of NPR 100,000 per month in higher positions in software offices, Programming, and Project Manager. Read more on BIM.

Which Bachelor’s program is better to study?

Which Program to Study 1

Ultimately, the best course for you will depend on your individual interests and career goals. If you are interested in a broad business education with a wide range of career options, then BBA may be a good choice for you. If you are more interested in the application of IT to business and want to specialize in a growing field, then BIM may be a better fit.

It is also important to consider the reputation of the university or college you are considering attending. Make sure to research the programs offered and the job placement rates of graduates.

Read more here on BBA and BIM. Stay with us for more updates- Gurubaa!

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