Management Courses in Nepal

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Management courses help the young aspiring students in their pursuits in business, industry, government, and society. The courses are focused to enhance business and administration skills.

Many students in Nepal want to pursue management courses. The focus of many students has changed to Management, and the management courses have become a popular choice among the students. Many new courses are added to the faculty of management, attracting new students in the wider field of management.

Management courses in Nepal are focused on producing dynamic professionals in Management Sector. The students pursuing the course already have a vast number of choices in the 10+2 course to the students. The faculty only branches out welcoming new courses along the way.

In this blog, all the courses of management one can take from the +2 level to their master’s will be discussed.

+2 Management Courses

Students who enroll in the management faculty in +2 after their SLC/SEE can choose from a variety of management courses. The compulsory subjects for management students in 10+2 will be Accountancy and Economics. As a Management student, you will gain basic knowledge of all the subjects/ courses you choose. The courses are taught briefly by outlining the syllabus and an introduction to the concept, and students are given an overview of what is in store for the higher classes.

The entire syllabus for +2 is mentioned down below:

Class 11

Class 12

NepaliOptional:  Hotel Management
Optional: Hotel ManagementOptional: Business Mathematics
Optional: Business Studies:Optional: Mathematics
Optional: MathematicsOptional: Computer Science
Optional: Computer ScienceOptional: Business Studies
Optional: Travel and TourismOptional: Travel and Tourism
Optional: Marketing


Bachelor’s Management Courses

bachelor degree Management Courses

What to study after 12 management in Nepal? After +2, students can pursue numerous management courses in a bachelor’s degree. The courses in Bachelors in Management are more branched out and specific but the course you choose will be specific but vast on its own. There are many management courses available in Nepal, they are as follows:

  1. Bachelor in Business Management (BBA)

This course is focused on preparing the students for handling management-related work. This course will prepare students for the national and international business trends, skills, and techniques with a broad area focusing on the world.

BBA course is available in Nepal through affiliation with many universities like Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Pokhara University, Purbanchal University, and Many other International Universities. BBA courses can be about 3 to 4 years long, which will depend on the university providing the course. BBA in Nepal is available in more than 100 colleges in Nepal.

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance (BBA-F)

This course is designed to be focused on the industry. BBA-F course is built on the grounds of management and management-related courses, financial core courses and finance specialization courses, and elective courses providing students with an understanding of the real market through research, projects, and internships.

The course can be about 4 years long and it is provided by Tribhuvan University and the colleges affiliated with it.

  1. Bachelor in Information Management (BIM)

BIM course is designed to integrate IT and Management courses providing students with professional and skillful expertise in Information Technology and decision-making positions for management.

Bachelor in Information Management will be about a 4-year long course available in many Businesses and IT Colleges in Nepal. This course is available in numerous colleges with affiliations from different national and international universities.

  1. Bachelor in Travel and Tourism Management (BTTM)

This course is designed to meet the needs of the growing tourism industry in Nepal. The BTTM curriculum is aimed at producing skilled workers in the Nepalese travel and tourism industry. This course will train students in handling, managing, and planning tourism programs.

BTTM is a 4-year-long course available in colleges affiliated with Tribhuvan University.

  1. Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM)

BHM courses are designed to prepare the students for the hospitality industry. The students will be trained at a managerial level for the hotel and catering business. BHM provides skills training for the students to work in the hotel industry. This program will help the graduates to address the professionalism needed in the hotel and catering business and build start-ups.

Bachelor in Hotel Management is about a 4-year long course available in various colleges in Nepal affiliated with different National and International universities.

  1. Bachelor in Business Management (BBM)

In this course, students will develop entrepreneurship, relationship, and leadership skills needed for the industry. BBM course will include business tool course, computer courses, business foundation, focus, and elective courses. The course will make you prepared with the skills and knowledge needed for the national and international levels.

BBM courses can be 3 to 4-year-long courses available all over Nepal with affiliations from different National and International Universities.

  1. Bachelor in Public Administration (BPA)

The BPA program aims to give students the tools they need in order to work in the public, private, and non-profit sectors like NGO sectors. The program trains the students to become public managers meeting the needs of public service. Initially, this course was a diploma program which later was turned into a bachelor’s course.

BPA is a 4-year long course available in a few colleges affiliated with Tribhuvan University.

  1. Bachelor in Business Studies (BBS)

BBS course is designed to make students competent managers for all the sectors and the students will be taught broad knowledge of the concepts of the operations and management in different organizations. The students are trained to become efficient managers, entrepreneurs, and leaders in business, social and financial organizations.

It is a popular 3 or 4-year-long management course available in many colleges all over Nepal with affiliation from various National and International Universities.

  1. Bachelor in Mountain Tourism Management (BMTM)

This course is designed to contribute to the mountain tourism department, it provides a broad knowledge of tourism focusing on mountain tourism and its development. The graduates of this course will be acquainted with the concept of mountain tourism, development, positive and negative impacts of mountain tourism with the consequences, and the potential of mountain tourism in Nepal.

Tribhuvan University offers the BMTM course. It is a four-year-long course available in a few colleges affiliated with TU. Read more 

  1. Bachelor in Mountaineering Studies (BMS)

BMS course is aimed to teach the students internationally standardized skills, values, and attributes on the grounds of tourism, mountaineering, and management. The students will learn through classes, elective works, and project work, this course is an integrated blend of modern management, mountain, and tourism-related studies.

The course is offered by Tribhuvan University and is four years long.

  1. Bachelor in Business Information System (BBIS)

This course is an integrated program where Information Management and Business are studied in depth. BBIS is designed with a blend of information technology and system with Business Studies to address the demands of the rapidly changing Information Technology in the area of business.

This is a 4-year course available in many colleges through affiliation from various national and International Universities in Nepal.

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration in Digital Marketing (BBA Digital Marketing)

BBA Digital Marketing provides students with the practical knowledge and skills required for efficient work in the digital world of today.  This course gives full detailed information on the business with concepts of digital media. The graduates can work in various fields as Search engine optimization specialists, Social Media and digital marketing strategists, content marketing managers, and much more.

The program is 4 years long and is offered by many colleges with various national and international universities.

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Insurance (BBA Banking and Insurance)

This course covers a variety of management topics in accounting, finance, and security for students. BBA Banking and Insurance is designed to provide skills, knowledge, and experience required in the growing field of Banking and Insurance.  Students of this program will have a sound knowledge of the concepts of business management, banking, insurance, and finance.

This is a 4-year long program provided by many colleges affiliated with various national and international Universities.

Masters Management Courses  in Nepal

masters degree management courses

After Bachelor’s course, the graduates join Master’s courses to refine their skills. Management courses available in Nepal for Masters are as follows:

  1. Master in Business Administration (MBA)

This course will prepare the students by teaching them professional managerial skills for all business and non-business sectors. MBA will help students gain professional skills, knowledge, and behavioral skills needed in the field. MBA course will be about 2 years long and available in many colleges through affiliation from national and international universities.

  1. Master in Business Administration Finance (MBA-F)

This course is designed for the students who are refining their professional skills to successfully manage financial institutions. MBA-F focuses to develop students’ knowledge in applied finance and the use of technology for financial management and analysis careers. This is a 2-year long course.

  1. Master in Business Administration in Cooperate Leadership (MBA-CL)

This course highlights the important elements of business and cooperative leadership. The course combines business expertise with relational skills. The students will gain leadership skills and prepare as entrepreneurs and responsible leaders. This program is 2 years long.

  1. Master in Business Administration in Marketing (MBA- Marketing)

MBA Marketing helps the students to develop professional marketing skills needed for the dynamic and complex business environment of today’s world.  This program will help prepare entrepreneurs, business analysts, and associate marketing consultants. This is a 2 years program.

  1. Master in Business Management (MBM)

This course enables students to learn Business management in depth in order to attain a high level of specialism. MBM develops a good understanding of the economic, social, and political environment on both national and international levels. This program is about 2 years long.

  1. Master of Business Studies (MBS)

MBS is a two-year-long program that helps the students to work as high-level competent managers in organizations, business organizations, and industries in governmental and non-governmental areas. The graduates of this program will be fully capable of working at the national and international levels.

  1. Master in Finance and Control (MFC)

This program is designed with a focus to produce competent managers who can deal with financial issues proficiently with the latest managerial principles and techniques. MFC will provide a special focus on finance, investments, banking, and insurance. The graduates of this 2-year-long program will be able to work in various banks, financial institutions, business firms, NGOs, and many other areas.

  1. Master in Hospitality Management (MHM)

This program aims to bring high-level competent managers to the hospitality industry. The graduates of this course are equipped with the necessary skills and abilities to manage the dynamic and growing industry of hospitality in different areas. This 2-year program will tarn students for enhancing their problem-solving, decision-making, analytical, strategic, and leadership skills.

  1. Master in Public Administration (MPA)

MPA course is designed for the purpose of producing high-level human resources and professionals to work for the management of public affairs in government, non-government, public, and private areas. This 2-year long program will help students gain administrative science and knowledge and prepare the high-level manpower required today.

  1. Master in Travel and Tourism Management (MTTM)

This Program is designed for the graduates to fulfill the needs of the tourism industry. The students are provided with a suitable environment for learning and research in the growing industry of travel and tourism. The MTTM program provides the best training to the students working or aspiring to work in the travel and tourism industry. This course is about 2 years long.

  1. Master in Adventure Tourism Studies (MATS)

MATS course focuses on teaching students professional skills and knowledge enabling them to go further and refine their careers in adventure tourism and mountain tourism field. The course meets the professionalism needed to meet the standards of national and international areas of the industry. This is a 2-year long program available only in selected colleges affiliated with Tribhuvan University.

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