KMC Teachers Visit Bangladesh to Learn Skill-Based Education Program

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In an effort to enhance the effectiveness of a skill-based education program implemented in public schools in Kathmandu, a team of 25 teachers and staff from the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) went on an educational tour to Bangladesh on November 20th. Led by Sitaram Koirala, the head of the Education Department, the group aims to gain insights into Bangladesh’s successful implementation of skill-based education and explore strategies for adapting these practices to the KMC’s education system.

Nabin Manandhar, the KMC’s spokesperson, highlighted the significance of Bangladesh’s achievements in skill-based education, emphasizing the need for KMC teachers to acquire knowledge and skills from their Bangladeshi counterparts. Additionally, the team will investigate Bangladesh’s approach to operating environmentally friendly schools, seeking to incorporate these practices into the KMC’s educational framework.

This educational tour, facilitated by the Bangladesh government, aims to optimize the KMC’s skill-based education program and promote sustainable practices in its schools. The team is scheduled to return to Nepal on November 27th, after which the KMC plans to organize another educational visit, this time to China.

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