Prime Minister declared that there will be no political involvement in universities

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Honorable Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda” has declared that there will be no political involvement in universities.

During his address to the nation on the government’s first anniversary, Prime Minister Prachanda urged political parties, civil society, and state agencies to prioritize unity and focus on improving universities. He emphasized that future high-level meetings would center around enhancing universities, establishing a national foreign policy vision, generating employment, and enhancing the nation’s image for investment.

Prachanda emphasized the importance of resolving political conflicts in universities and including talented Nepalis from around the world in the search for a vice-chancellor. He also stressed the need for a clear plan to make university reform more transparent. The government wants to address the challenges faced by Nepalese universities, stop the loss of young talent and resources, and develop a skilled workforce that can compete globally.

The Prime Minister informed about the submission of the Education Bill in Parliament, emphasizing the importance of effective school education without political interference. He sought the support of teachers, political parties, and stakeholders in this endeavor.

Furthermore, Prachanda shared achievements in various sectors, including the successful delivery of textbooks, improvement in the teacher-student ratio, plans for teaching science, mathematics, and English through information technology, and initiatives to make medical education affordable and enhance healthcare services.

Regarding the economy, he recognized some encouraging signs but expressed unease about the pace of growth. He underscored the importance of achieving double-digit economic expansion, implementing policy reforms, and making preparations for multilateral initiatives.

The Prime Minister discussed achievements in the power sector, emphasizing Nepal’s potential for power trade with neighboring countries. He outlined plans for large hydropower projects, infrastructure development, and the commitment to address challenges hindering progress.

Prachanda highlighted government efforts to ensure good governance, rule of law, and transparency. He discussed initiatives to resolve issues related to the peace process, constitutional amendments, and addressing concerns of victims.

In foreign relations, the Prime Minister underscored the balanced relationship with India and China and Nepal’s active participation in international forums, emphasizing climate justice and equality.

He acknowledged challenges such as the Melamchi water project and expressed determination to address them with concrete plans. Additionally, Prachanda discussed initiatives to uplift marginalized communities, improve the agricultural sector, and streamline government services through information technology.

In closing, the Prime Minister pledged to continue reforming the government, reducing bureaucratic delays, and ensuring citizens’ seamless interaction with the state.

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